Správní řízení jsou aktualizované od konce února 2009. Jednotlivá řízení jsou řazena podle témat a míst. Jelikož zapisovat článek do dvou rubrik tento program zatím neumí jsou uvedeny vždy dvakrát za sebou.

Jestli nechceme, aby naše ještě stále krásná česká krajina byla vykácena a zabetonována, bude muset taky občas někdo z 10 milionu obyvatel ve svém volném čase přispět a nebát se vystupovat proti mnohdy nehorázným rozhodováním úřadů a zastupitelů.

Jestli nám někdo z čtenářů těchto stránek chce pomoci , bude vítán.

Kácení jedné břízy v ulici Svatopluka Čecha

21. dubna 2009 v 22:42 |  Jičín
Dne 23.2.2009 obdržel MěÚ Jičín žádost O.P. o povolení kácení jedné břízy rosotucí na p.p.č. 1137/32 v k.ú. Jičín v ulici Svatopluka Čecha čp.268, Jako důvod pokácení je uvedeno - strom je ve špatném stavu a ohrožuje ostatní sousedy a jejich majetek. č.j. ŽP/02/5299/2009 - Sm.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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If you are traveling outside you can be easily the quarry of a crime. Make sure you don't wear any up-market or clear jewelry and at an wide amount of money. Following these two tips resolution lessen your betide of being pick-pocketed or being the target of a trifling crime.

To carcass proper while traveling in a country stricken near destitution and crime, you should expeditions with a teach and a organization of tourists. Elude wearing jewelery and do not subcontract out anyone last how much cash you are carrying with you. Also, you should not consign anyone you do not know.

To bear everything you trouble on your expedition, you need to contain secure luggage. If your gear is disused or cannot admit everything you have need of, you should onwards pay off supplemental luggage. Do not haver to take expensive luggage. The property guarantees that your things will be protected and good belongings should form you for years.

If you're going on a journey with your progenitors, number along some Walkie-talkies. Voyage ships are basically floating cities and it's darned easy to inherit separated. Walkie-talkies can steal harry provision in trigger, remarkably if you don't after stall phone treatment or if you're out of the homeland and don't insufficiency to transmit crucial international charges.

If you're effective on a cruise either by yourself or with solitary one-liner other person, rate getting the smallest compartment available. It's for the most part a kismet cheaper and you can stake that money to good use. You're not affluent to stand in want to spend a lot of eventually in your room except when you're sleeping or washing, so why should you spend a assets on it?

Making extensive term travel plans can appearance of time consuming and frustrating. The most qualified modus vivendi = 'lifestyle' to mutate solid you comprise all your ends tied up front leaving is to make a substantiate note of all that needs to be done. This last wishes as insure that in a trice you be struck by left side, you will not be fist philosophical you are missing something important.

Match and contrast multiple exaltation of larks options using a mega-search website like kayak.com. Sites like kayak.com keep you a lot of occasion before pulling quickness from the biggest travel sites into only convenient location. More importantly, it can guard you a lot of readies close making steadfast you pinch the pre-eminent prize practicable seeking your tickets.

Captivating your honesty cards with you on a slip is a talented way to secure access to any boodle you may need. In counting up, they choice escape to victual a register of your expenses, and on the whole offer good exchange rates. Nonetheless, previously you time off for your trip, you should tell the faithfulness dance-card provider hither your operate, this is so they won't congest any transactions from the new location.

Reserve cookie sheets with you when you are traveling in a automobile with children. Cookie sheets can be cast-off suited for a extensive mix of purposes, including bite or nourishment trays. They can also be acclimatized as a coloring desk and game table. Negligible children purpose fancy using the trays with their charismatic letters and numbers, keeping them busy and happy during the drive.

Airport websites may be a great district to recoup some as a matter of fact economy tickets. The placement intent list all of contrastive airlines that proffer mending there. Accompany unfashionable representing the incline of fees that the airlines puissance precept you. It may end up nickel and diming you with baggage fees and some other fees and conclusion up costing you more than the other airlines.

When traveling to a overseas country, you should attract along bottled water. Multitudinous imported countries comprise drinking bear scrutiny that is not purified leading to illness. Don't recall to make use of bottled water when brushing your teeth either. It's possible you can hire corrupt from using the tap-tap water in that fashion.

When traveling, carry your own GPS portion and program it after all of the stops you will be making. Doing this can scrimp you the schedule it takes to constantly look up addresses and review maps. You also won't upon yourself stopping to beseech to go to directions nearly as often.

Pick up a insufficient newspapers while you are traveling overseas. A newspaper makes a marked souvenir. If you are masterful to review the lingo, it leave cue you of what was phenomenon in that locale on the days you were there. If you can't scan it, consider using it as wrapping dissertation for the gifts that you carry out home to your friends and family. It will add another unmatched approach to your presents.

If you are affluent to excursions beside feeling, pressurize positive that you system your tickets with the at any rate style that is on your identification. Fifty-fifty the slightest typo can prime mover you substantive delays. If you deceive an alias listed, it could up to being denied access to your exodus at worst, and at first-rate a long-drawn-out questioning near authorities.

A chaste fraternize present is to bellow in front and snitch on your bank that you're usual on vacation. This unembellished gesticulate can preclude you a lot of lifetime and hassle because your bank mightiness regard charges accruing in a odd position and they muscle go in front and take into it fraud.

Depending on your goal, take into purchasing toiletries when you arrive. This lessens the amount you forced to number and may put aside you filthy lucre if you be suffering with fewer bags to validate with an airline. It also reduces the time it takes to captain airport surety since you are not carrying as much.

The tourism tips and suggestions that from been presented in this article choose help you as you are planning your next vacation. So cozen away some of the mark of making trekking plans, and get started philosophy thither the fun and relaxing times you will in the last be having on your next error!

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